The Facts Website

About FAYD

The entire Facts website was built simply for the purpose of providing an API to a very simple WordPress shortcode. The name of the website was used simply to utilise an old domain that had no purpose in life.

The API retrieves XML output and is primarily used to renders the content on a WordPress blog with ShortCode (WordPress will cache the data locally for a specified time).

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You can find some sample PHP functions and WordPress shortcode here on our Internoetics blog.

API Usage

Retrieving a Fact 



We cache results (normally) for 5-minutes. With the shortcode we provide it utilises the WordPress cache functionality and we'd expect you to do the same. As such, unreasonable requests result in a short block (detailed below).

You can see some example code to implement this XML into your website over at

Error (and other) Codes

420Rate Limited (Block active for Rule: X - unlock in -XX Sec.)

Example XML Error:


Rate Limiting Rules

Generally speaking, it would be challenging to find yourself rate-limited. Having said that, intentional abuse results in a block. Abuse determined to be aggresive in nature results in a permanent block. If you require your application to be white-listed, please contact us.

Terms of Use

By using the API, you agree to these simple terms of use. You may use the API as-is for any purpose. You alone are responsible for any damage that you or your users encounter from using services from this API. The data provided may be cached locally for performance, but for no longer than 7 days. We accept no responsibility for any downtime, damage or errors, invalid/incorrect data or the consequences of information we provide. These terms are subject to change without notice and will be updated on this page.